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4 Essential Creative Craft Room Tips

4 Essential Creative Craft Room Tips

The month of March is the time to get inspired with your hobby! In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association created National Craft Month as a way to introduce new generations to crafting. During National Craft Month, crafters get creative with their supplies, artisans set to work on a design, and different craftspeople put their skills together to bring an idea to life.

Benefits of Crafting

According to Psychology Today, hobbies actually create more time in your schedule because you’ll work to be more efficient at what’s on your plate so that you have time for hobbies. Hobbies can relieve stress, challenge your brain, and allow you to leave a legacy.

Scrapbooking materials

Craft up Your Space

Just as you might create a home office, take into consideration the space your hobby needs in your home. Some crafts take up a lot of space. For example, scrapbooking allows you to lay out photos and graphics onto a large 12”x12” piece of paper. Then you can write a caption, add embellishments in the form of buttons, stickers, etc. to complete your page. You need a large, flat table or desk to spread out and plenty of storage for the small embellishments. On the other hand, crafts like needlepoint may only require a small corner with a comfy chair and good lighting to complete. Take the time to plan out your space and creative flow that works for you and your hobby in your home.


Set the Mood for Creativity

Surround your area with your beautifully completed projects – put them on display! Perhaps you have a banner that you crafted and hung across your mantel at different seasons of the year. Don’t put it in storage! Instead, display your creativity proudly to inspire your surroundings in your craft space for your next project.

Perhaps you like to listen to music or watch a movie while you craft. Have a separate area from the main living area where you feel you can retreat to for creativity to flourish. It also helps if it’s a dedicated space where you can leave the project open for continual creativity, and not have to pack it all away each time.

Cozy chair

Set the mood for creativity with comfort in mind too. Have a comfy chair to sit in, or curl up with a blanket while you work on your project in peace. Perhaps you might also like a small table or nightstand to place a cup of coffee while you craft.


Good Lighting is Key

Intricate details of a fine needlepoint hobby need to be well-lit. Illuminate your space and shed some light where you need it most with a table lamp. Besides, it should be a relaxing experience when you enjoy your hobby, not a struggle to see your work in action.

Get Acquainted with Pinterest

How many of you have said, “Someday, when I have my dream home...” All of us dream of “someday” and crafting can inspire us with our own creativity to make that someday a reality today. Where do you start? Get inspired with social media and Pinterest. Their mission is to help empower people to discover things they love and inspire them to go do those things in real life. Sign up, start some new boards for a new hobby and be inspired. While you’re at it, check out our Pinterest boards as well!

So, what are you waiting for? Carve out a little corner of your home and craft it up! If you need a little more inspiration, check out how we created a colorful and inspiring craft space »