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5 Ways to Get Organized in 2018

5 Ways to Get Organized in 2018

Easy Ways to Get Started with Organizing Your Home

Originally posted on January 2, 2018 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

If you've resolved that this is the year that you're going to take stock of your stuff, overcome clutter, and finally get organized, we have five ways to help you get organized and start your year off right!


Create a Smart Storage System

One of the goals of organizing is to store things in such a way that you can find them again without spending a lot of time looking for them. A great way to do that, especially for smaller (and easily lost) items, is by using something that allows you to keep like things together while being able to clearly distinguish what you're keeping where. The SystemBuild Cube Storage Bookshelves fit the bill by allowing you to easily corral items and use Foldable Storage Bins to further organize your belongings. Or, if you prefer a mobile solution, a roll cart may be just the thing to keep your office or craft supplies tidy.




Embrace Multi-Functional Furniture and Eliminate Visual Clutter

Sometimes, no matter how neatly you arrange things, a space still looks messy because of what you store there. The shoes on your living room looks cluttered, your closet is crammed, and the inside of your jewelry box has turned into one giant, jewel-encrusted snarl. Try switching out for multi-functional furniture, which will help keep things organized and looking neat. A shoe storage ottoman or storage bench can provide tons of storage for shoes, board games, blankets, and more. While a storage bed is a great solution for bedrooms that are tight on closet space, and a full-length jewelry mirror is also perfect for checking your looks in the morning and keeping jewelry neat and tangle-free.




Proudly Display Your Treasures

Collecting stuff is fun and rewarding…and has the potential to turn into a jumbled mess. Instead of keeping your collectibles to gather dust in the back of your closet, proudly display them so that they can be seen and enjoyed by all. Dedicated display curios offer benefits like mirrored backs and built-in lights to display your keepsakes in full view. If a traditional display case isn't your style, or you want to more easily access your items, think out of the box with a trendy bookshelf.



Curb Chaos with a Family Command Center

Families can generate chaos in the home without even trying, especially in the space where everyone drops their stuff once they walk in the door. Try trading in stacks of papers and piles of stuff for a family command center—a place where everyone in your family can set stuff like backpacks and keys, kids can post things for parents to see and sign, and you can deposit and sort through mail. A storage credenza or repurposed entertainment center provides lots of spots for papers, backpacks, and out-the-door essentials; a coat rack is perfect for hanging backpacks for the night; and a chalkboard is a great scheduling tool for keeping everyone on the same page.





Get The Kids In On The Act

Make it easier for kids to stay organized by working with them to create an organization system that works for everyone while also making it a little fun. Try investing in storage that's just the right height for them and colorful storage bins that can help them store like things together while keeping track of what goes where. Depending on the age of your child, using fun storage solutions like bins with animal faces can help keep things fun too.



Bonus: Conquer Clutter at the Source

When it comes to getting organized and conquering your clutter once and for all, it helps to get at the root of the problem: having too much stuff! If you've tried organizing and decluttering before and haven't made much of a dent in your clutter collection, try asking yourself questions like  "Can I live without this? When was the last time I used this?" If you still don't know whether or not to keep something, take a page from the popular KonMari method and ask yourself whether that item brings you joy. If not, it's probably time to let that item go.

Whether you start by devising a smart storage system or dive into decluttering, the key to getting organized is simply starting. Good luck on your journey to an organized home!