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A Healthy Date Night

A Healthy Date Night

By: Jillian Tongate, Weigh and Win

Originally posted on March 24, 2017 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

With 70 degree days becoming more common and snow hopefully becoming a distant memory (wishful thinking that we won’t get a May snow this year), spring is starting to sprout up across Colorado.

The warmer weather always heats up my motivation to spring clean and tackle those to-do home projects I’ve been putting off! As a busy mother, date nights can be hard to schedule and oftentimes involve sitting all night eating, which doesn’t align with my health goals. So, why not schedule a healthy date night that gives you time to reconnect and take on that spring redecorating project together?

Ever since my husband and I moved into our home five years ago, we have been meaning to buy new furniture for our cozy family room. So, we decided to head out on a healthy date night at American Furniture Warehouse and get to work on our much needed family room makeover! 

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Healthy Date Night at AFW

We parked as far away as possible to get more steps in -- a great way to sneak in a little extra activity. 

Healthy Date Night at AFW Healthy Date Night at AFW

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My husband and I have very different opinions on couch styles. Which one do you prefer? 

Healthy Date Night at AFW

We completed five tricep dips at every couch we looked at for a bonus micro-workout.

You can do this at home, too. Just complete 20 tricep dips (or couch push-ups) during every commercial break! 

Get more tips for a healthier lifestyle here.

Healthy Date Night at AFW

We bypassed the elevators and escalators and headed straight for the stairs. Ever since I read that you burn seven times more calories per minute taking the stairs over the elevator – I’ve made it a point to always take the stairs. 

Healthy Date Night at AFW Healthy Date Night at AFW Healthy Date Night AFW
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There are so many entertainment stands to choose from! 

Healthy Date Night at AFW Healthy Date Night

We stopped for a quick check-in at the Weigh and Win kiosk to track our progress as we work towards setting a healthier example for our son. American Furniture Warehouse supports Weigh and Win at eight (soon to be nine) of their Colorado stores.

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Couples massage! Taking a moment to relax and decompress from the day (and all those steps around the store) in the massage chairs


Comparing our Fitbit steps to see who took the most steps today…I won! My goal is always to hit 10,000 steps! 

 We can't forget to pick up something for the little guy at home.  We worked up an appetite shopping! While enjoying a healthy sub sandwich (with water, not soda) from the Subway inside the store, we were able to discuss our picks for our room makeover. 


Here’s to a healthy date night! We wrapped up the night with a combined 22,389 steps. Who says accomplishing spring home redecorating projects can’t also be a little fun? 

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