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Get Into the Homework Zone

Get Into the Homework Zone

Originally posted on August 9, 2017 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

5 Things Every Student Needs for an Awesome Homework Space

It's August, and that means school season is here. Here are five things every student needs to tackle homework like a boss.

1. Something To Write On

It's a fact: when you're doing homework, you need something to write on (even if you're typing). If you're short on space, a smaller writing desk may be all you need, but when you’re juggling a textbook, notes, worksheets, and a laptop, a larger desk will provide space for you to spread out. A desk with built-in storage is a great option that can help keep homework essentials close at hand.

2. A Place To Sit

According to a University of Phoenix study, the average high school student spends over 17 hours doing homework each week. When you're spending that long doing something, it pays to have a chair you like. Maybe studying is serious business with an office chair, or you want to keep things stylish with a chair that combines fashion with office chair function. If you like to move around as you work, a perch stool that encourages motion might be just the ticket.

3. Good Lighting

It's much easier on the eyes to do homework in a well-lit room. A good task light will brighten up your space so you can easily read text without eyestrain. Plus, it's a chance to express your own unique style. A steel desk lamp is a great choice if you like to keep things simple, but a teal ceramic lamp can provide a fun pop of color and an industrial-inspired lamp can add character to your space.

4. Places To Stash Stuff

Hunting for things wastes valuable time that could have been spent getting homework done sooner. Get organized with a wooden roll cart for papers and office supplies, a storage ottoman for calculators and flashcards, or a bookcase for textbooks, notebooks, and binders.

5. Personal Touches

Little personal touches can go a long way to making a homework space feel more inviting when homework takes almost as much time as a part-time job. Layer on the coziness by putting a colorful throw and a kidney pillow on your chair for a little extra comfort (and lumbar support). Try keeping an inspirational message around to stay motivated, and make your space your own with something that you customized, like a canvas that you colored.

Once you’ve set up a space with something to do write on, something to sit in, plenty of light, organizational storage, and some personal touches, you're all set to get in the zone and get that homework done.